Chandan Yatra Day-5

V astra Harana – Stealing the clothes of the gopis

O best of those who give blessings, you were pleased by the vow of the cowherd maidens. Please be satisfied with me. You thief, you stole the clothes of the gopis engrossed in playing in the water. I offer my homage to you, who climbed the kadamba tree. O skillful speaker of all sorts of joking words the pleas of the gopis quickened your greed, and you made the gopis beg for their garments.

Sri Madhva and Srimati Radharani looked dazzling in their white garments. Srimati radharani with double plates folded in ribbon and Madhava with cascading curls circling his face looked extraordinarily beautiful. Small Madhava and Radharani had new white dress and the pastime of Vastra Harana depicted.

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