Chandhan Yatra Day-4

V ana – Bihari – Frolicking in the forest

The cows take the lead directed by Madhava’s flute song- kicking their hind legs in the air, shaking their necks, and repeatedly lowing as they turn their heads to glance lovingly at the divine brothers. The cowherd boys play flute, blow horns and sing about Madhava’s victories over the demons as they dance, twirl sticks, and show off to their elders in many clever ways. Sometimes the gopas make a single line – each holding the dhoti of the boy in front of him – forming a giant colorful serpent that slowly snakes its way into the forest and out of sight.

Lord Madhava and Srimati Radharani were dressed in this mood. Small Madhava was covered in blue chandan and surrounded by cows and cowherd boys. The photos of small Madhava and Radharani are above.

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