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Demigod Sculptors- Update from ToVP

After a year of dedicated work and co -creativity, we are reaching a great milestone in our Art department. The artists have been creating 8 sculptors of chosen demigods and associates of the Lord.The demigods that we have sculpted are Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva, Lord Indra, Sri Lakshmi Devi, Manu, and Garuda. Currently we are finishing the last two Vaikuntha associates, Nanda and Sunanda.

Once completed, the sculptors will be placed in Lord Nrsimha’s Dome. The 8 Demigods and the Lord’s associates will fill the circumference on the second gallery level of Lord Nrsimha’s Dome.

They are all in the mood of fear and submission because they have never seen Lord Nrsimha this ferocious. They will be facing Lord Nrsimha because they have come to witness His pastimes and offer their humble obeisances.

After this project is completed, the artists will then begin sculpting the Guru parampara that will go on the leftmost altar in the Main Dome.

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