15th May, the appearance day of the mother of the entire universe Jagat-janani Sit Devi and also the appearance day of the mother of the Gaura purnima festival Sri Jahnava devi is indeed the Real Mother’s day.

Srimati Sita Devi the consort of Sri Ramachandra is the gem of the Indian culture and heritage. She should by her life how every woman should behave. She has also taught what dangers one will face in life if one does not listen to the advices of the spiritual master. By being allured by the mysical deer she ended up in trouble, thus she explained through her life that one must not be attracted to the seemingly alluring things all around us.


Sita Devi is also known as Bhumija meaning born from the earth. Her appearance is indeed very astonishing.  When Vishnu left Vaikuntha to appear as Lord Ramachandra, Lakshmi devi also came down to the earth and performed austerities till the time came for her to appear as daughter of Janka Maharaj. When she was mediating on Vishnu, Ravana came down being attracted to her beauty. He broke her meditation and insulted by his speech Lakshmi cursed him that a chaste lady will be the cause of his down fall. Subsequently, in Mithila Janaka Maharaj was ploughing the field to perform a sacrifice. While, plouging the plough got stuck to a mound. Upon digging the mound a beautiful gold casket was found inside which Sita Devi the incarnation of Lakshmi was lying as a baby. Janaka Maharaj accepted her as his daughter and Sita Devi grew there till she married Sri Rama.


Jahnava Devi is the daughter of Suyadas Sarkela, who resided in Ambika Kalna. She married Nityananda Prabhu and lived with him in Rukumpur and Kardaha. She was a leader for the second generation devotees after Chaitanya Maharabhu’s time. For the first time Gaura Purnima the appearance day of Gauranga Mahaprabhu was celebrated under the leadership of Jahnava Mata. 6 sets of Gaura Nitai were present there. Sri Jahnava devi personally cooked and served all the vaisnavas. During the ecstatic kirtan in the festival by Narottama Das Thakur the Pancha-Tattva personally appeared and danced. During the last days of her pastimes she lived in Vrindavan and merged into the Gopinath deity.