W e are very happy to inform you that the holy place of Ganga Sagar is ready to host the upcoming Makar Sankranti & Ganga Sagar Mela (12-16 of January 2017) in Sagar Island at Lord Kapil Muni’s (incarnation of Lord Vishunu) ashram at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and mother Ganges. In every Vedic festival, the Lord’s blessings are distributed as prasadam. A visit to a holy place is not complete without receiving prasadam.

We plan to distribute 1,00,000 plates of free Prasadam during Ganga Sagar Mela charity camp. A plate of sumptuous Prasadam consisting of rice, dal, sabji and pickle will cost Rs. 20/- only.

For 5 day’s successful food distribution, we have to raise 20laks rupees ($29,500). But, ONLY 50% IS COLLECTED due to present money issue (demonetisation in India for last few weeks).So, ISKCON MAYAPUR NEEDS YOUR VALUABLE FINANCIAL SUPPORT. Whatever amount, it will help us.The pilgrims and yogis congregate at Ganga Sagar with the complete faith That Lord Sri Krishna will send charitable disposed devotees like you to fulfil their basic needs like food, night shelter, warm cloths, medical care, etc. The Vishnu Smriti states, “Lakshmi, the Goddess of fortune, resides in those who are charitable.”

The Matsaya Purana states: “One the day of Makara Sankranti, one should feed the devotees and the poor sumptously. Those who make offerings on this day are rewarded for many lives”. In the Mahabharata, Yudhishthira Maharaja enquired: “What gift will provide reward both in this life and in the next?” Bhishmadeva Answered: “There never has been, nor will there ever be, any gift equal to the gift offood grains …” -(Anusasana Parva, 13.63.3-6)

You have always been a generous supporter of ISKCON Mayapur. A kind-hearted person like you can understand the value of Anna-Dan on an auspicious day like Makar Sankranti day at Ganga Sagar Mela, so I am approaching you for support. About 833 donors like you donating Rs. 1,200/- (or more) each will bring us very close to our target. All donation is tax exempted u/s 80 in India.  For more details and online donation visit: https://www.mayapursevaoffice.org/en/gs-2017.html

As a gesture of appreciation for your donation of Rs. 1,200/- or more, a special puja and tarpan will be performed on your behalf at Ganga Sagar, which will bring prosperity and success to you. In Addition, we will also send you (within India) the holy Ganga water collected from auspicious muhurtha of Makar Sankranti Day at Ganga Sagar Mela. You can sprinkle the holy water on your head to get the unlimited blessings of Mother Ganges and Lord Kapila.

Your prompt response will help us to properly plan the prasadam distribution during the festival. Please do not skip this rare opportunity to get the unlimited blessings of Lord Sri Krishna!

For more information, please feel free to contact (Sri) Sundar Govind Das; General Manager of ISKCON Mayapur at +91-973-5333-511/ +91-987-443-7164 or e-mail your queries to sgd108@gmail.com or iskcon.mayapur@pamho.net

May Mother Ganga and Sun-god bestow you with good fortune in the new year.

Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada.

Sankarshana Nitai Das

Chairman, ISKCON Ganga Sagar Project Development

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