Gomati Vesa – Chandan Yatra Day 6

W hile herding, Krishna runs amongst the cows. While the cows rest, He lies with them. To purify Himself, Krishna enjoys smearing His divine limbs with the dust raised by the cow’s hooves. Krishna considers the cow’s and bulls of Vrindavana His mothers and fathers. He greets them each morning with loving words, “O mother! Have you rested well? O father! Are you happy?” Their horns are plated with gold and set with jewels, and their hooves are decorated with sapphires. I pray that these Surabhi cows may protect us all.

Small  or utsava deities of  Sri Radha Madhava looked very beautiful in their new outfits surrounded by many cows and calves all jumping with their tails raised high in the air. May Sri Radha-Madhava increase our attraction to serve His dearmost Surabhi cows!

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