From 16th to 20th of February 2017
at Ekachakra Dham
All girls between 14 and 20 years of age are welcome to join the fun!

We teenagers go through a very special phase in life. We want to gradually establish ourselves in this world, and we want to be accepted as individual and almost grown-up personalities, with our own desires, talents, inclinations, hopes and plans for our future.
We don’t like to be corrected and instructed by our parents any longer – we have heard this for so many years! Now we need other role models, heroes and mentors, who guide and inspire us. It does not mean that we are ungrateful to our parents – no, we are forever grateful for all the care and love our parents have given to us, but now we want to be treated and respected as adults, and we want to see our parents as friends to whom we may turn whenever we feel like.

We want to have some fun and explore the world. We need some adventure within the frame of Krsna consciousness – otherwise we might look outside for it. We want to experiment and learn from our own mistakes and decisions, and take responsibility for them. We don’t like to be pushed and forced to do things – otherwise we might even become rebellious…..! So please understand what we are going through…..!


* Discover Ekachakra Dham
* Gain deep insights into the eternal principles of fascinating  womanhood
* Allow new discoveries to profoundly transform your heart
* Realize new dimensions of life in a woman’s body
* Receive powerful tools to shape your future to gain deep  satisfaction and joy in your life within Krsna consciousness.
* Undergo a life changing learning experience in an intimate  and trusting atmosphere amongst girls of similar age.
* Receive valuable nourishment for your spiritual growth and       sustenance
* Learn to cultivate your artistic talents in music and dancing 



You will enjoy

* A life-changing experience at one of the most amazing holy places – Ekachakra Dham
* Lively discussions with peers
* Group exercises and sharing in pairs
* Participating in skits and role plays
* Ecstatic kirtans
* New and meaningful friendships
* Fun in the association of peers
* You will receive well composed and systematic materials on the topics for discussion


Qualification to Attend

* Girls under the age of 18 will need a written permission of the parents. Mothers/fathers are welcome to accompany their daughters.

* It will be helpful if the participants have a good command of English. If necessary we can arrange for translation into Russian.

* Suitable for all levels of spiritual understanding and commitment to Krsna consciousness.

* To maintain a personal atmosphere we are limiting the number of participants to 40 devotees.


Daily schedule:

* Thursday, 16th of Feb:
5 am departure by bus from Mayapur outside the Main Gate. 

Parikrama around Ekachakra after lunch
6pm opening of the Girls’ Mela and evening kirtan

* Friday, 17th to Sunday, 19th:
Discussions of relevant topics from 10:30am to 1:30 pm
Group work, music and dancing lessons, cow seva from 4pm to 6pm

Evening kirtans 
* Monday, 20th at 5am: Departure to Mayapur


Fees for the entire event – including accommodation, transport & prasadam

There are no set fees for any of our events because Srila Prabhupada clearly states throughout his books that spiritual upliftment should be available to one and all. Money should not be the criteria who can receive it and who can’t. This is an important principle of brahminical culture.
Donations given with a happy and affectionate heart complete the loving exchange of receiving spiritual care and inspiration.

Please register immediately – the available places are limited…….!

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