Jhulan Yatra utsava which began on the 14th August, after 5 days celebration ended on the 18th August. Being Purnima the Divine couple were dressed in white flower dress and looked very elegant. The deities came on a palanquin and enjoyed swinging in the beautiful garden and mercifully accepted the offerings by the devotees.

After their swing pastime the deities were brought to the stage were a special flower abhisheka was arranged for Sri Sri Radha Madhava. It is described by the acharyas that during the Jhulan utsava Radha Madhava and the Gopis throw color powders on each other. They also have jeweled spray guns which is filled with scented color water and also pollen bombs. Using these sweet weapons the gopis of Candravali team and Radharani team attack each other. Sri Sri Radha Madhava enjoy these pastimes eternally. Based on this description every year on the last day of the Jhulan Yatra the Lordships are also offered color powders to enjoy.

Then the divine couple came out of the pandal and few fireworks were displayed for their pleasure. After this the deities were taken back to the temple accompanied by beating of drums and Hare Krishna Maha Mantra kirtan.