Last Day of Kirtan Mela 2016

T oday being the last day of Kirtan Mela in Mayapur, I thought I should write something to share with everyone. I just came back from the temple were the Pandav Sena (Mayapur kirtan group) just finished leading their Kirtan. “Oh Thank you Krsna…that was some real amazing Kirtan”
Although it was lunch time for most devotees here in Mayapur, the temple was full. All we could all do, was sing along with the Kirtan leader with a bright smile on our face. The powerful Mrdangas sounded like a giant heart beat perfectly following the rhythm of the Kirtan. The Holy Name was entering one ear and going straight to the heart, then entering from the other ear and again going straight to the heart, incredible powerful transcendental feeling. All devotees have been in bliss for the last four days now and this last Kirtan Mela day is just the most perfect ending for this week that has given special spiritual energy to every single person who attended the Mela. This evening, thousands of devotees will once again fill up the temple room and chant together with their whole heart begging the Lord to give them Mercy. HG Agnideva prabhu, HH Indradyumna Swami, HH Bhakti Charu Swami & HH Lokanath Maharaj will be ending the week long Kirtan mela with very sweet but powerful kirtan and bajans.
Our most dear Panca Tattva seem to be affectionately watching over all the devotees in Sri Mayapur Dham showering blessings in every direction. The reciprocation between The Lord and his devotees is very special in the Holy Dham it is so sweet it’s like a perfect Gula jamum cut in two and shared with a very special intimate friend.
So, tomorrow morning, after a short but transcendental night of rest full of sweet kirtan dreams, devotees will leave the material comfort of their room for the first day of the Navadvip Mandal Parikrama 2016.
Hare Krsna