Mayapur Boat festival 2016

F rom the day of Akshaya Tritya, when the Sri Sri Radha Madhava, Panca-tattva and Lord Narasimha deva are covered in chandan, the small Radha Madhava deities enjoy a boat festival and swing festival for 7 days. The Lordships are carried in a Palanquin by the devotees led by a kirtan party to the Prabhupada Pushpa Samadhi.

The entire Samadhi is decorated with lights and flags and sway in the breeze. In the pond in the Samadhi, in a boat decorated with flowers, fruits and leaves. This year the boat is designed like a parrot with a beautiful throne for the divine couple to rest. The pujaris row the boat around the pond and the deities give darshan to all the devotees sitting around the pond. Many devotees offer Bhoga, flower garlands, and Tulsi garlands to them.

Amazing kirtan is led by devotees singing the Gaura arati song and songs of other Vaisnava acharyas.  The offerings are then distributed by the devotees. Lamps are also distributed for the devotees to offer the Lord.

Towards the end of the boat ride, the pujaris sway the boat to and fro. The flower garlands all sway together with the kirtan rhythmic to the swaying. It is a very beautiful moment to watch and enjoy the beauty of the divine couple. After this, the deities are brought up to a platform with an amazing flower canopy, inside which is a swing. The lordships are kept in the swing and the devotees sway gently for the pleasure of Radha and Madhava.

Many pilgrims come to the Samadhi to witness this festival. Accompanied by kirtan, devotees and pilgrims the lordships are taken back to the temple in the palanquin to rest.

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