Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama Begins

S ri Jiva Goswami started from his residence at Candradvipa to Navadvipa & throughout this journey, streams of tears were flowing from his eyes. While crying he called out with a loud voice, “O life of the living entities, O Sri Gauranga, O Nityananda Prabhu, when will You bestow Your mercy upon me and give me Your darsana?  ( Navadvipa dhama Mahatmya)

This is the mood of Sri Jiva Goswami, when he set out to Navadvipa to visit pastime places of Sri Gauranga, under the guidance of Sri Nityananda Prabhu. The same mood manifesting very much with every devotee that set out today for Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama- mood of a beggar begging for a drop of that mercy in a wonderful sadhu sanga.  The powerful vibration of holy name resounding through the nine islands of Navadvipa! International group will be walking at the holy island of Kirtanam-Godrumadvipa, hindi group will perform kirtan at Koladvipa, Namahatta group will relish Jagannatha katha at Simantadvipa, Gita study group meditating on Nityananda’s namahatta at Surabhi kunj, i.e, you go anywhere in Navadvipa, you will meet up with devotees performing Gaura bhajana.

Sitting at any corner of the world, you too can take part in Navadvipa Parikrama, by watching it live in, browsing through festival pictures at or by offering Prasada seva to devotees who are walking on Parikrama.

Imagine thousands of devotees, sanysasis and dhamvasis, take prasada together, sitting in the dust of the holy dhama, on the banks of Ganges, offer you blessings- a whole sale opportunity to receive mercy of Sri Pancatattva, Vaisnavas & the most merciful Navadvipa dhama.

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