After 4 days of wonderful Sravana Utsava festival, blissful and an amazing 5 days of Kirtan Mela, the devotees finally left the temple room and the boundaries of ISKCON Mayapur campus. For what? To make connections with the old Kalpa Vrikshas trees, the birds, the land, the dhamvasis, having prasada in a open air and sharing the holy name around in the most sacred land of Sri Navadvipa Dham.

Sri Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama is an unique experience and the chance to get closer to Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s lotus feet. A great opportunity to serve and chant! Hari bol!

Despite of many sannyasis left Mayapur early this year we are having just the right people to give katha like the powerful Bhakti Dhira Damodara Maharaj, the steady Bhakti Vijana Vinas Narasimha, Rajendranandana prabhu, Pancharatna prabhu and others. HH Jayapataka Maharaja came, as he comes EVERY SINGLE YEAR, and gave an amazing speech at Nrisimha Palli. Pancharatna prabhu put a drama on Nrsimhadeva lila, and one devotee recited a very powerful prayer to the Lord Nrisimhadev. The devotees loved.

In the morning we crossed the Jalangi river very peacefully. Sulocana prabhu is doing an amazing service, he is always following vaishnava etiquette and take care of the kirtan very nicely, engaging those who are senior and qualified to lead kirtan.

In Parikrama if we can put Katha and Kirtan as the main activities it completely enhances the spiritual experience of the pilgrim devotees.

We visited Amgatha, Panchanatala, Nrsimhapally with its wonderful Mandakini lake and we ended in Hari Hara Ksetra with Hari Hara dev beautiful deity.