Today is the auspicious appearance day of Srimati Rangadevi and Sudevi. They both are twins with a difference of half a day. Rangadevi is the seventh of the varistha gopis and Sudevi is the eighth of the varistha gopis. Both of them have complexion of the color of a lotus filament and wear garments red like a jaba flower. They both are seven days younger than Srimati Radharani. Their parents are Karuna-devi and Rangasara. The special darshan of Srimati Rangadevi and Srimati Sudevi are posted below with their glories.


On the southwest petal of Madana-sukhada Kunja lies the dark blue, cloudlike Sukhada Kunja, where Sri Rangadevi always resides. She possesses the utkanthita-bhava, and in every way she is very attached to Sri Krsna. Her seva is offering candana, and her nature is vama-madhya. In Kali-yuga she appears in gaura-lila as Gadadhara Bhatta. Rangadevi’s personal qualities are much like those of Campakalata. She is always like a great ocean of coquettish words and gestures. She is very fond of joking with her friend Srimati Radharani in the presence of Lord Krishna. Among the six activities of diplomacy she is especially expert in the fourth: patiently waiting for the enemy to make the next move. She is an expert logician and because of previous austerities she has attained a mantra by which she can attract Lord Krsna. The chief gopis in Sri Rangadevi’s yutha are Kalakanthi, Sasikala, Kamala, Prema Manjari, Madhavi, Madhura, Kamalata and Kandarpa-sundari. Kalakanti-devi is the leader of the eight most important friends of Ranga-devi. These friends are all expert in the use of perfumes and cosmetics and burning aromatic incense, carrying coal during the winter and fanning the Divine Couple in the summer. Ranga-devi’s friends are able to control the lions, deer and other wild animals in the forest.


She is sweet and charming by nature.  On the northwest petal of Madanananda Kunja lies the beautiful emerald-colored Vasanta-sukhada Kunja, the residence of Sri Sudevi. In gaura-lila she appeared as Sri Ananta Acharya Goswami. She is very loving toward Sri Hari, and possesses the bhava known as kalahantarita. Her seva is to bring water. Sudevi always remains at the side of her dear friend Srimati Radharani, and arranges Radharani’s hair, decorates Her eyes with mascara, and massages Her body. She is expert in training male and female parrots and she is also expert in the pastimes of roosters. She is an expert sailor and she is fully aware of the auspicious and inauspicious omens described in the Sakuna-sastra. She is expert at massaging the body with scented oils, she knows how to start fires and keep them burning and she knows which flowers blossom with the rising of the moon. The principal gopis in Sri Sudevi’s yutha are Kaveri, Carukavari, Sukesi, Manjukesika, Harahira, Harakanthi, Haravalli and Manohara. Kaveri-devi and the other friends of Sudevi are expert at constructing leaf-spitoons, playing music on bells and decorating couches in various ways. Sudevi’s friends are also entrusted with the decoration of the Divine Couple’s sitting place. Sudevi’s friends act as clever spies, disguising themselves in various ways and moving among Radharani’s rivals (Candravali and her friends) to discover their secrets. Sudevi’s friends are the deities of Vrndavana forest and they are charged with the protection of the forest birds and bees.


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