Happy Balaram Jayanthi to all the viewers. Balaram Purnima is the auspicious appearance day of Sri Balaram who appeared as Laxmana younger brother of Rama in Treta yuga the elder brother of Sri Krishna in Dvapar yuga, and as most merciful Nityananda in the Kali yuga. In Mayapur this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Deities of Sri Sri Krsna Balaram are kept in front of the Panca Tattva altar decorated in new clothes, ornaments, flower garlands and Tulasi garlands and anklets. In Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir there is abhishek for the Sankarsana Shila followed by Bhoga offering to the abode of all spiritual strength Sri Balarama.

In Rajapur – Sri Jagannth Mandir there is abhishek for the small utsava deity of Baladeva. Sri Baladeva is decorated very majestically and opulently and He very mercifully gave Darshan to everyone. A mace rested on right His shoulder and a silver plough rested on His left shoulder. His face was decorated with dots of sandalwood paste and He smiled majestically.

In the evening in the Jhulan Yatra festival pandal there was the Varuni pot breaking festival. In a clay pot swinging on top Sri Balaram’s favorite drink the Varuni was filled. Varuni is a celestial drink from Honey that was sent by Varuna for Lord Balaram when he was in Vrindavana. Many devotees attempt to break this pot using a stick when their eyes are covered by a cloth. After the pot is broken the juice was distributed to all the devotees.