I n the morning, for the pleasure of Sri Narasimhadeva the Maha Sudarshana Yajna was performed. The yajna took place in the courtyard of the temple facing Sri Narasimhadeva. 7 pujaris from the Gurukula performed the sacrifice seated in both sides of the sacrificial arena. The pujaris were anointed with chandan and sprayed with rosewater for cooling as they sat close to the sacred fire.

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The yajna kunda or place of the fire was decorated with fruits, flowers and auspicious rangoli designs. In front of it two small platforms of sand covered with rangoli designs was there. On top of one was the auspicious Kalashas and on the other was the Yantras from the Narasimhadeva’s altar. The Yantras presided the yajna.

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The gurukula children recited the mantras for the yajna – Sri sukta, Purusa sukta, Sudarshana Mantra and Sudarshana ashtotara satha nama, while inside the temple hall there was a roaring kirtan – The Narahari nama kirtan. The two divine sounds along with the sound of bells created a beautiful sacred atmosphere.


The Poornahuti or offering on completion of yajna  was performed at the end of the yajna with Bhakti Purusottama swami and Bhakti Vidya Purna swami present. After this the Yantras were bathed in milk and water. Then they were offered flowers and taken back to the altar. A special offering of worldwide devotees, who had sent their extra rounds of japa was offered to the water and with this mantra jala, tomorrow Sri Narasimha Maha abhisheka shall be performed.

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Offering Purnahuti

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Bathing the Yantras

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Taking Yantras back to altar

As said in the Bhagavad gita by Sri Krsna Annad bhavanti bhutani parjanyad anna sambavah yajnat bhavati parjanyo yajna karma samudhbhava. Living entities subsist on grains which grow from the rains and the rains come by the performance of yajna. As soon as this yajna was completed there was a heavy rain in Mayapur.

Sri Narasimha deva ki jay!

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  1. Dinesh T May 20, 2016 at 9:01 am #

    Can someone pls clarify why is this called Sudarshana Yajna, where is sudarshana chakra in this yajna

  2. Priya Omar June 2, 2016 at 4:57 pm #

    Thank you for nice photos….:)