The school’s Panihati festival which marks the end of Sri Mayapur International School academic year, took place on Thursday June 9. This festival is particularly dedicated to His holiness Jayapataka swami who brought and made this wonderful pastime of the Lord known all over the world. Inspired and re-enacting the glorious passage of Caitanya Caritamrita where Raghunath Goswami is punished by Lord Nityananda, to organize a huge festival and feed all His devotees. All the school members i.e. parents, staff members, students, teachers, etc. Come together to offer our community a wonderful day of kirtan, drama and glorification of the Lord.


The preparations for the festival usually start much earlier right after Gaura Purnima, with the decoration of the clay pots, hand painted by our wonderful students.


This is a long process that engages all the students but also parents, teachers and anyone who is inspired to please the Lord and His devotees. This year about 200 pots were offered for the pleasure of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and Srila Prabhupada, filled with necterean preparations  and finely decorated with unique toppings by a wonderful team of students and teachers headed by Sri Janavi mataji, our PE teacher.


We had two wonderful dramas, the first one was about the original pastime of Raghunath das and Lord Nityananda and was performed by an amazing grade 5 led by Gunachuda mataji. The second drama was about the first meeting of Lord Nityananda and  Gauranga Mahaprabhu and was wonderfully performed by the grade 7 girls headed by Hemagopi mataji.


We are very fortunate that His grace Jananivas prabhu has been a regular supporter of our festival and blessed has with his precious association and presence.


We also would like to thank His Grace Ganga prabhu for conducting the auction of the pots. Our special appreciation goes to Vrajanath Prabhu who punctually raises the majority of the funds that make this festival possible. A special thanks and obeisances to all the families and devotees who helped or participated in this wonderful event! See you next year!

Your servant

Amala Caitanya das
Sri Mayapur International School