ISKCON Mayapur welcomes worldwide devotees to join us on the joyous occasion of celebrating the appearance day of Sri Narasimhadeva, Sri Narasimha Caturdasi festival 2016. This year, the festival falls on 20th May. A three days festivities including Narahari Nama Kirtan, adhivas, Maha abhisheka and Sri Narasimha Katha are planned for this year’s festival.

Sri Sthanu Narasimhadeva of Mayapur has a special place in the hearts of devotees worldwide. He is famous as performer of various pastimes, giving out His magnanimous mercy as Bhakta vatsala- transcendental protector of devotees. By great good fortune, the rare opportunity of serving the Lord is received. Sri Narasimhadeva glories are unlimited, so His mercy! Take part in the festival by contributing for any of your desired sevas!

SEVA Amount
Oil Abhishek Rs.150,000
Flower decoration in temple and alter Rs.50,000
Flower Abhishek Rs.40,000
Garland for all deities Rs.25,000
Lighting decoration Rs.15,000
Yajaman / a Yajna Rs.11,000
Pandal for Yajna Rs.25,000
Panchamrita Abhishek Rs.21,000
Brass Lamp Rs.3,000
Silver Lamp Rs.5,000
Conch Rs.10,000
Copper Kalash Rs.2,500
Silver Kalash Rs.11,000
Prasada for Mayapur Comunity devotee Rs.225,000
Feast Prasadam for Pilgrims Rs.70,000
Feast Prasadam for Visiting Devotees Rs.160,000
Feast Prasadam for Brahmacharis Rs.30,000

For donation Please (Click Here)

For any queries or info, write to Shyamagopika.jps@mayapur.com or info@mayapur.com

 “By meditating upon He whose form is fearsome, all peace, happiness and prosperity can be obtained, all sins can be obliterated, the fear arising from evil spirits, fevers and unfavourable planetary positions can be removed, O Lord Nrsimha, please bestow upon me Your merciful side-long glance.”



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  1. Jugal Krishna Das May 9, 2016 at 1:26 am #

    Jay Nrisimha Sri Nrisimha
    jay jaya sri Nrisimha.
    All Glories to Lord Naraharideva.
    Hare Krishna!!