Sri Raghunath Vesa – Chandan Yatra Day 9

O King, the pastimes of Lord Ramachandra were wonderful, like that of a baby elephant. In the assembly where mother Sita was to choose her husband, in the midst of the heroes of this world, He broke the bow belonging to Lord Siva. This bow was so heavy that it was carried by three hundred men, but Lord Ramachandra bent and strung it and broke it in the middle, just as a baby elephant breaks a stick of sugarcane. Thus, the Lord achieved the hand of mother Sita, who was equally as endowed with transcendental qualities of form, beauty, behavior, age and nature. Indeed, she was the goddess of fortune who constantly rests on the chest of the Lord.

The small utsava Madhava was decorated in green chandan like Sri Ramachandra. Sri Sri Radha Madhava were dressed in red as it is Ekadasi and all the gopis including Srimati Radharani were holding Chinese hand fans made by our Mayapur community’s Chinese devotees. To see all the photos of the darshan Please Click Here