Chandan Yatra begins- Day1!

A kshaya Tritiya also marks the beginning of Chandan Yatra festival. At Mayapur, for 21 days, 21 different veshas depicting pastimes of the Lord Krishna are offered to Sri Radha-Madhava. Big deities of Sri Madhava and Sri Narasimhadeva are anointed fully with sandal wood paste whereas all the members of Panca-tattva, Srimati Radharani and Astasakhis were applied sandalwood paste unto Their foreheads. Devotees & all the visitors get the opportunity to grind chandan paste for the pleasure of Lordships- a personal seva to the Lord! For next 7 days, Sri Radha-Madhava boat festival is also celebrated.

Day1 of Chandan yatra- NATABARA VESHA – Visit our Daily Darshan page for more pictures!

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