Jagat Pavani Gaura Ganga Mandir!

O n the occassion of 6th anniversary of Ganga Puja, Mayapur Ganga Puja Committee organised a grand Ganga Puja, Arti, Kirtan, Lecture and Mahaprasad distribution at the new temple of JAGAT PAVANI GAUR GANGA MANDIR  on the banks of Ganges at Mayapur.

HG Prem Caitanya das of Ganga Puja Seva Committee recalls the inauguration of Ganga Puja 6 years ago on the same tithi and the purpose of Ganga Puja as,

Today is the day, Pancami thithi, we started Daily Ganga Puja 6 years ago. HH JPS he inaugurated this puja. He was telling us that this puja in future will become like the one offered at Varanasi,Haridwar. Right now, you can start in a small way but the day will come , when by the hep of the devotees, you can make a temple for Ganga mata. By the support of worldwide devotees, you can make this program successful. People from all over the world will come here, take bath, offer Arti. By this process, they will more advancement iN Krishna Consciousness. Our purpose in life is to make our life more successful in Krishna Consciousness, by the mercy of Ganga mata. For this purpose, we started Ganga Puja.

This every day Ganga Puja is going on since 6 years. Today a specil program is arranged. There will be Ganga puja, glorification of mother Ganga , senior devotees, sanyasis will come and speak on Ganga mata glories. By the blessings of Sanyasis and Vaishnavas, we shall become successful in our Krishna Consciousness endeavors.”

Ganga mata ki jai! is happy to inform that from wherever you are, you can offer daily puja to Ganga mata or any day of your choice. On that day, a sankalpa will be made and your prayers will be read and arti / puja / prasada distributed on your behalf on the banks of Ganges at Sri Mayapur dhama. To offer Ganga Puja, please visit here:


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