Jhulan Yatra 2017 begins: Day 1 photo gallery

J hulan Yatra is one of most spectacular festival celebrated in Mayapur for the pleasure of Sri Radha-Madhava and Vaishnavas. Starting from  the Ekadasi day, the festival continues for 5 days till Balaram Purnima. Presence of HH Jayapataka Swami for festivals in Mayapur is always special for Mayapur devotees and we are very fortunate to have Maharaj association for Jhulan yatra 2017 festival.  Maharaj never fails to infuse enthusiam in everyone and makes everyone feel special to serve the Lord. He gave a short but sweet speech on glimpses into the significance of Swing festival. ” Simply by taking part in this festival, to render service and to swing Sri Radha-Madhava, personal deities of Srila Prabhupada , one gets entrance into Vaikunta. As Their Lordships are the owners of ISKCON Mayapur, Swing festival gives everyone of us a chance to render some service to our masters. It is also a sweet festival as rarely Srimati Radharani puts Her arms over Sri Madhava and in Jhulan, she catches hold of Sri Madhava’s shoulders to save from falling, giving much pleasure to Sri Krishna.”

By hearing from senior vaishnavas, one enters into the mood of the festival. Every day, during the Jhulan, there will be  a class on Jhulan yatra, followed by cultural programs.


Sri Radha-Madhava Jhulan Utsav ki Jai!

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