Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama – Day 1

A fter a long year we are again able to walk through the holy landscape of Navadvipa Dhama while singing, dancing and feasting in the company of a variety of exalted vaishnavas. Gaura Bhakta vrinda ki jay!There are about 1400 devotees in the International party this year. Out of them 800 devotees are camping. Parikrama is the time when you can be fully engaged in hearing, chanting and remember Lord Caitanya’s holy names and pastimes.

Following will be the highlights of the day: The Parikrama first crossed the Jalangi by boat heading towards Am Ghat- famous for its amazing mangoes planted by Lord Caitanya Himself. Then we reached Suvarna Vihara where the golden Lord appeared to King Suvarna Sena. “Suvarna” means “gold” and “vlihar” means “moving.”The devotees were overjoyed to watch the drama on this Lila, directed by HG Pancharatna Prabhu (ACBSP) There we had katha by different senior devotees such as HH Bhakti VV Narasimha Maharaja, HH Bhakti Dhira Swami and HG Rajendra Nandana Prabhu (ACBSP).

We heard about the importance of chanting since we are in GODRUMA DVIPA wherein the process is kirtanam! Each one of the 9 islands correspond to one of the nice processes of devotional service, such is the arrangement of the Lord, to make us full aware of Him! After taking breakfst at Pancanan Tala where Lord siva with 5 mouths is chanting the holy names, we moved on ecstatically to Nrisimhapali.

The parikrama was so sweet thanks to the enthusiastic kirtan leaders like HH Mahavishnu Swami. We were blessed by the prescence of HH Jayapataka Maharaja and HH Bhakti Purushottama Maharaja at Nrisimhapali. When the Supreme Lord becomes angry He becomes supremely angry. After killing Hiranyakashipu Lord Nrisimhadeva was still very angry. Thus the demigods were appointing different personalities to go try and pacify Him. First His consort Lakshmi Devi was requested. Lakshmi said :” I have never seen my husband like this. This is extraordinary! I can’t come near Him.” Then they tried to send Indra, then Ganesh who when approaching the Lord was thrown off his mouse carrier simply from the roar of the Lord. Finally Lord Brahma took the final decision: ” Prahlad, it’s because of you that the Lord appeared, thus it’s your responsibility. Please you go pacify Him.” Thus six year old Prahlad Maharaj fearlessly walks and sits on Lord Nrisimhadeva’s lap, who in return pets, licks and smiles at His dear devotee. Lord Nrisimhadeva in this Ugra form ( angry mood) can only be worshiped here at Navadvipa Dhama because here he takes the mood of this Dhama which is Audarya, or mercy and compassion.

At last we reached Hari Hara Kshetra where we closed the evening by Kirtan and katha by HH Lokanatha Maharaja who is the Parikrama chairman as well as a pilgrim himself. He sang the Hindi Bhajan named ” Sundara Lala Saci Dulala”. He very lovingly shared with us valuable instructions of how to perform parikrama in the right mood: ” This is our eternal home. The Lord is our father, our mother, the wealth of our lives. His home is our home. We should feel very fortunate that out of countless living entities we have come to Lord Caitanya’s personal abode which is non-different from Goloka, the spiritual sky. Yes, Navadvipa and Vrindavana are non-different.” -HH Lokanatha Swami Maharaja.

Sri Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama ki Jay!


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