W elcome to Nityananda Trayodasi 2017 at Ekachakra dhama! We are happy to welcome worldwide devotees for Nityananda Trayodasi festival at Ekachakra dhama. There will be three days of celebration from 6th Feb to 9th Feb. Kirtan Mela, Nityananda Katha Sravana, darshan of pastime places of Nityananda prabhu, grand Mahabhisheka on 9th Feb, celebrating the Lord’s appearance and prasadam distribution are some of the highlights of the festival.

Respected Gurus and GBC’s from our ISKCON society will participate in this grand utsava, providing us a wonderful opportunity to have real sadhu sanga.

We take pleasure to invite you and your family to participate in this festival, and receive the mercy of Sri Nityananda Prabhu.

Below are the list of sevas that you can offer for the pleasure of Lord Nityananda and Vaishnavas at Ekachakra dhama!

Flower decorations: Rs. 5001

Honey for abhisheka: Rs.8001

Milk for abhisheka: Rs.6001

Prasadam distribution: Rs.10,001 ( for 100 devotees)

Sri Gaura-Nitai dress: Rs.40,001

Sri Radha Vrindavan Mohan dress: Rs.60,001

Brahmacari Prasad seva: Rs.20,001

Tulasi archana to Sri Gaura-Nitai: Rs.1001

Any donation is welcome!

You can donate online here: 

Once you made the donation, kindly mail us with details to info@mayapur.com

We thank the following devotees for the seva for Nityananda Trayodasi festival:

  1. Sri Ramesh Mehrotra, Amravati
  2. Muralidhara dasa, Australia


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