I n Navadvipa dhama, in the house of Murari Gupta, who is an incarnation of Sri Hanuman, Sri Ram, Lakshman, Sitadevi along with Hanuman is worshipped. On the appearance day of Lord Ramachandra, devotees visit Murari Gupta’s Sripat, which is very close to yogapith and have darshan.

Lord Ramachandra also visited Modadrumadvipa. Here, in Modadrumadvipa is Ayodhya. In a previous kalpa when Rama was banished to the forest, with Laksmana and Sita he came to this place. He built a hut under a huge banyan tree and for some time lied here happily. Seeing the effulgent of Navadvipa, the son of Raghu began laughing to Himself. How attractive was that form, green as new grass, lotus-eyed, with graceful bow in hand! Wearing the dress of a brahmacari, on his head pile matted locks, he attracted all living entities. Seeing the laughing of Rama, the daughter of Janaka, Sita, asked him the reason. “Listen, Sita, here is one very secret story. When Kali yuga comes to Nadiya, I will be seen in yellow complexion.” Upon saying that, he immediately wanted to take birth in the womb of Saci in Jagannatha Misra’s house. “I will give to all those fortunate souls who see My childhood pastimes the supreme gift of prema. For my dear devotees I will perform educational pastimes and then reveal the glories of the Holy Name.


“This Navadvipa is My dear place, and even Ayodhya is not equal to it. When Kali yuga comes this huge banyan tree will disappear from vision, but will stay in unmanifested form.” Thus did Rama pass His time here with Laksmana and Sita. Later he went to Dandakaranya to complete His activities. Observe here the place where His hut stood. Rama’s friend Guhaka, at the desire of the Lord, took birth here in a brahmana’s family. His name was Sadanandana Vipara Bhattacarya. He knew nothing in the three worlds except Rama. He was present in Jagannatha Misra’s house when Gauranga was born. At that time all the devas came to see the child. But this Sadananda knew that his Lord had taken birth. In great delight he went to his house. In meditation on Rama, he saw Gaurasundara. Gauranga was seated on a throne, surrounded by devas waving camaras. Then he saw Ramacandra, green as grass, and beside him Laksmana, the abode of Ananta. On the left was Sita, and facing him was Hanuman. Seeing this, the viper understood the truth about the Lord. In bliss the vipra made his way to Mayapura, and unseen by anyone, feasted his eyes on the form of Gauranga.


Navadvipa dhama Ki Jai!

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