A ny recent visitor to Mayapur Goshala would know of Sharne mataji. She is a selfless servant & lover of Cows. She is at Goshala round the clock, busy cleaning the shed, nursing the sick cows, giving care to the newborn ones, chanting with the cows, inspire & engage devotees to serve the cows. For the past three months, she had moved to Vrindavan to join the Care for Cows team. It has come to all of us at Mayapur as a shock to know about her departure at Vrindavan dhama. Please find below few of the glorification and appreciation of her services.


From The GBC Ministry for Cow Protection:

It is with great sadness that we have been informed  that yesterday  Sharne mataji left this world while in Sri Vrndavana Dham on a mission to serve.Her example was a real asset to our movement and her departure from this world is indeed a great loss for us. Like many vaishnavas her services were unknown to many but certainaly very known to Sri Sri Radha and Krishna.I used to see her every time I visited the Goshala in Sri Mayapur, she was always very blissful, free from criticism, and free from personal gain.Many good qualities for a Vaishnava.

The GBC ministry for cow protection and agriculture offer our  obeisances to her departure in the holy Dham to the shelter of the lotus feet of Sri Krsna,

All glories to her sincere devotional service, and her service attitute.

Your servant,

Kalakantha das

From Vrindavan Street Cow Seva

Street Cow Seva – Monday 9 January

A dear member of our Street Seva Team, SHARNE Teudt from Australia, on the auspicious day of Ekadashi, left her body in Vrindavan Holydham. We can’t explain how wonderful soul she is, and how we are honored to get her association.

She came here from Mayapur to serve the cows and to   treat the sick ones using homeopathy.

Her life was completely dedicated to loving Krsna ‘s cows.  We are really missing her but we trust that Radharani has accepted her in eternal service of Krsna’s cows in Goloka.Thank you Sharne your life and selfless service Are an inspiration to all of us.

Love Krsna’s cows ( she always signed off with this phrase )Love u…All Blessing to you.

Mayapur Community devotees:

Dayal Mukunda das- Division head of Mayapur Gaushala.

No one understands the plans of Lord…In one of my recent conversations with Sharne mataji we were discussing the service and how life can stop at any point…

Very interestingly she said that she exactly knows what she will be doing if she knows that this is her last day….Yes! Serving the Cows and Chanting Holy Names.

She left this world all of sudden which again reminds us that anyone of us may leave at any point of time.“If you really don’t have a purpose that you are ready to die for you really don’t have any substantial reason to live for” -Martin Luther

Fortunately Sharne mataji had a great purpose to live for.. and she did the service selflessly till the last day until Lord made an arrangement to continue her on a different platform.  (Leaving on Ekadasi in Dham while doing service…)Anyone knows her can easily see that she did the service selflessly and she had great love for Krsna’s cows.She was aspiring for HH Radhanath Swami and was planning to go to see him at Govardhan Eco Village.

We will be having a program at Mayapur Goshala in her remembrance. We will keep you posted.  We will share the extraordinary services she did for Krsna’s Cows in New Govardhan, Sri Mayapur and Sri Vrindavan dham.

All glories to this great Vaisnavi and her service!

Yours in the service of Krsna’s cows,

Dayal Mukunda das

Doyal Gauranga das

I knew Sharne Mataji without even knowing her name or the wonderful service to the cows she was involved to. She was just this effulgent elderly Vaisnavi who was coming every week without fail to hear from Sri Harinama Cintamani. I was amazed how much eagerness she had to absorb the truth and glories of the Holy Name and to apply everything we were reading and discussing in her sadhana. She told me told me that her chanting has changed a lot and she is looking forward to rejoin the sessions in 3 weeks…. Well, Krishna has other plans for her. Much better ones. He has taken this sincere and humble soul to be with Him eternally.

All glories to Sharne Mataji and her example of humble unassuming service that Lord sees, appreciates and rewards beyond any expectations!

Braja Sevaki devi dasi:

She was a soft-hearted soul who absorbed herself in the service to Krishna’s cows, and she is a glorious example of how simple yet first-class our devotion can and should be. I see so many incorrect writings that we should “pray for her onward journey,” but in fact we should pray for her blessings: she is truly worthy of our honour, and I long for such a character and nature that she possessed…

Praying she remembers me to the cows she will be serving eternally…

Subhangi devi dasi:

Lord  Gauranga was so pleased with Mother Sharne’s Cow-Seva in Mayapur, that He sent her to (Golok) Vrindavana to serve the cows there directly side by side with Sri Sri Krishna Balarama together.  How wonderful! Go-seva ki jai! Doing often 24 hrs Go-seva in MAYAPUR, her friends, the cows, gave her the intuition to go to Ekacakra for Devaki’s ‘Holy Name Retreat, where we learned how to get free!!!! of the fear!! of death!!!!!!


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