Snana Yatra 2017 Festival Pictures

On 9th June, Snana yatra or bathing festival of Lord Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra devi took place at Rajapur. One of the grandest of festivals celebrated here, thousands and thousands of pilgrims jubiliantly, braving the heat, stood for hours in the queue to personally bathe the Lord of Universe and honored Jagananth prasadam. Devotees fetched Ganga water and went on Harinam procession with Ganga mata deity to Rajapur for the snana festival. Mood was to be together with Jagannath all through the day as Lord will go on seclusion and there will be no darshan until Gundica Marjana, the day before Ratha Yatra. After Snana, Rajbhoga was offered , followed by Maha arti. Lord gave His special darshan of the year in the GAJA VESHA , wearing elelphant masks! Jagannath Swami ki Jai!

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