Srivas Thakur

S rivas Thakur appearance day will be celebrated tomorrow.( 21st March 2017). At Mayapur, there will be abhisheka to Srivas Thakur deity at 11 a.m. Watch it live at  Sri Srivasa Thakur is incarnation of Narada muni. He appeared in Shrihatta and lived there along with his 3 brothers Sripati, Srinidhi and Srirama. The four brothers after sometime came to live in Mayapur – at the house of Srivasa Thakur – Srivas Angan, located next to Yogapitha. Every day they used to go to Advaita Acharya’s house to listen Bhagavatam, to perform Nama sankirtan and other vaisanava activities.

“We meditate upon Srivasa Thakura and his companions who are eager like bees drinking the honey from the lotus face of Sri Chaitanya. They are radiant with prema and have pure golden complexions. Their beautiful bodily limbs are decorated with ecstatic symptoms.”

Both Srivasa Thakur and his wife Malini Devi were very close friends of Sacimata and Jagannath misra. It was by the loud and pitiful cry of Advaita Acharya and Srivasa Thakur that the supreme Lord descended as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Srivasa and Malini Devi nurtured and raised Mahaprabhu with great parental affection. Sri Gaurasundara accepted Srivasa and Malini as a second father and mother.

The Lord after returning from gaya, performed many pastimes at the house of Srivasa. He started day and night Kirtan, displayed his Mahaprakasa lila and granted many benedictions to many devotees, he also started the first Nagar sankirtan to the palace of Chand Kazi from the house of Srivasa thakura. Even today we can see the mridanga that was broken by the Kazi in his attempt to stop the Harinam Sankirtan.

The Panca-Tattva in the center the Mridanga that was broken by the Kazi.


Mahaprabhu displaying Mahaprakash Lila.

Above are the photos of deities that are in Srivas Angan. Lord Nityananda after meeting the Lord in Mayapur always stayed in the house of Srivasa. He called Malini Devi his mother and always performed pastimes in their house. Nityananda would eat only if Malini Devi fed him personally. Once in order to test the faith of Srivasa thakura, Lord Chaitanya advised him to throw Nityananda out of his house as Nitai was an avadhuta. The lord said “Srivasa, why do you keep this avadhuta in your house. You don’t know anything about him, his family background. I am warning you, if you want to maintain your family reputation then you must throw this avadhuta immediately out of your house.”Srivasa to mahaprabhu “Even if Nityananda is a meat-eater, drunkard and if I associate with him I will lose all my wealth, reputation, still I tell you truly, I will never think of anything else other than serving his and your lotus feet.” Then Lord Gauranga pleased with Srivasa Thakur blessed him. You have understood the truth about my dear most confidential associate. Even if there comes a time when the goddess of fortune, Lakshmi Devi herself, is forced to wander about with a begging bowl; still your house will never see poverty.

Dear devotees, if one pleases Sri Srivasa Thakur, then one can very easily attain Sri Gaura Nitai, for the Gaurasundara says everyone in your house including your pet dogs and cats will attain complete shelter in my devotional service.


Mayapur online seva offers a wonderful way for devotees sitting in different places across the globe to offer puja to Srivasa thakura. You can offer a puja in your name and your family name for attaining Krsna bhakti. You can offer One day puja – offer all the sevas in the day in your name or offer an archana plate. Srivasa thakura is very compassionate that he did not take offense of Capala Gopala, a sinner. If one with true devotion offers service and heartfelt prayers to Him, He will surely take the person to Gaurasundara. To offer a puja to Srivasa Thakur

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