Tribal Care Intiative Convention 2017 begins at Mayapur!

T ribal people from the states of Assam, Tripura and north eastern states of India have arrived at Mayapur to take part in the Annual Tribal Care Convention 2017, from 9th April to 11th April. The theme of the convention is “Go, Ganga and Gita”. A colorful inaugural function with tribal dance and recitation of Bhagavad Gita took place at Prabhupada Park. Honorable Member of Secretary of Indian Railway, Mr. James Kajur, Honorable minister of Tribal development in West Bengal graced the Inaugural function. Also present were ISKCON dignataries, HH Jayapataka Swami, HH Bhakti Purusottama Swami, HG Sri Vallabha das and many leaders from ISKCON all over the world. A souvernir was released by HH Jayapataka Swami and the minister of Tribal development. In the inugural speech,  HH Bhakti Purusottama Swami, Director, TCI spoke on the achievements of TCI and plans for the future as follows:

During last three years of our effort to help tribal people in North east zone of India we have received very good achievements inspite of our limited recourses and challenges. Tribal people are receiving us very nicely and appreciating our endeavour very much. There co operative nature with our effort has encouraged us a lot.  In the area of educational help to tribal we have achieved remarkable result. We have understood that to help tribal means first we need to educate them. We have also marked that tribal people are taking lot of interest in educating their children. That is very good sign.

ITCI has helped tribal people in providing them raw materials for making clothes and seeds for growing agricultural products. This has become successful also and has been appreciated by tribal people.

Few places ITCI has developed projects to provide pure drinking water for which tribal people feel very obliged. On top of every thing ITCI has been providing plenty of spiritual guidance and creating infrastructures for practicing devotional life by building prayer halls and providing devotional paraphernalia like  Spiritual books, Mridangas, kartals, Japa mala, Japa bags etc. Till now  ITCI also had distributed  1000 blankets to tribal people during winter season. Though health care is part of our care giving system still we have not achieved much in this effort except few health camps in Assam and Bengal. But over all it looks very promising for future .

Some of IIT students from Kharagpur have come forward to help tribal students in their education. They have planned to help upto 1000 tribal students for their higher education from 9th standard onwards.

This coming year we have many plans to implement in tribal areas.

We need blessings and help from  all of you. Please help us to succeed in our endeavour to please Srila Prabhupada and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu by helping these most deserving people in their material and spiritual lives.

Tribal Preaching ki Jai!



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