Chandan Yatra Day 7: Khat Dholi Pastime

T he highlight of Chandan yatra festival in  Mayapur is that different veshas depicting various pastimes of the Lord are offered to small Sri Radha-Madhava. Devotees wait eagerly for the curtains to open to reveal the day’s pastime. Today, being the last day of Sri Radha-Madhava boat & Swing festival, very aptly, Khat Dholi or swing pastime of the Lord is the vesha offered. Sri Madhava also gave His special Darshan of the year as Blue Madhava in blue chandan.


Khat Dholi: Swing Pastime

Of all the festivals in Vrindavan,  Lord Krishna’s favorite is the Jhulan Yatra . During this cool monsoon season,the clouds shower a fine spray of cool misty rain on the forest.Krishna sits His belved Radha on a swing and Sakhis toss flowers on the Divine Couple and offer aarti to Their lotus-like faces. They spray sweet scented paan, spray cool rose water, and sing songs accompanied by musical instruments, while two manjaris gently push the swing. These celestial goddesses behold the glorious Jhulan Yatra of Sri Radha Govinda and praise their own good fortune.

Sri Radha-Madhava Chandan Yatra ki Jai!

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