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Boat Festival Season!


It’s the boat festival season in Mayapur. After 7 days of ecstatic boat festival of Radha Madhava, we celebrated two very sweet and ecstatic boat festivals of Sri Jagannath, Baladev Subhadra- one at Rajapur, while the other being at Srila Prabhupada Ghat to Pancaveni by Land department. HH Jayapataka Maharaj took part in the celebration. […]

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Happy Narasimha Chaturdashi!


Happy Narasimha Chaturdashi! Today is the most auspicious appearance day of Sri Narasimhadeva. Mayapur is filled with devotees assembled to celebrate this special festival. Evening from 4 pm onwards, Abhisheka will begin. Watch the festivities live at Maha Sudarshana Yajna & adhivas took place yesterday. We thank all the donors for their kind support […]

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Vana Bihari – Frolicking in the Forest!


Much awaited Darshan of Sri Radha-Madhava in blue Chandan today! A feast to the eyes, Sri Radha-Madhava in “Nila Kalevara”- Jayadeva Goswami’s Gita Govinda coming live… “Chandana Carcita Neela Kalevara…!” Just as Yasoda is Krsna’s perfect mother, so Vrindavana is Krsna’s perfect playground, with mountains, valleys, meadows, forests, rivers, and lakes as arenas of undulating […]

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Vastra Harana – Stealing the Gopis’ Clothes


Entering the clear waters of the Yamuna to prepare for the incomparable worship of goddess Katyayani, the girls of Vraja left their garments on the shore. Smiling and clever Krsna stole those garments, climbed a kadamba tree, embarrassed the girls by speaking many splendid joking words, and eventually returned their garments. I take shelter of […]

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Jagannath Chandan Yatra


Chandan Yatra is a very sweet festival to remember and meditate on various pastimes of the Lord. A festival that Lord kindly favors everyone to do some personal service for Him- grinding chandan, decorating, swinging Him etc… Summer festival has its own flavour. As per the tradition, Chandan Yatra festival started at Puri. In the […]

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Chandan Yatra:Day2, Krsna Janma


Krsna Janma – The Birth of Lord Krsna During the great festival of Lord Krsna’s birth, the king of Vraja respectfully gave to the brahmanas a mountain of glittering jeweled ornaments, an even greater mountain of grains, and 200,000 young cows, all beautifully decorated with gold necklaces of large pearls. I offer my respectful obeisances […]

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Chandan Yatra Day1: Natabara


Happy Akshaya Tritiya. Happy Chandan Yatra. On the first day of Chandan Yatra, Sri Radha-Madhava is dressed as Natabara- the Best of Dancers! Sri Radha -Madhava as Natabara: As the vicious snake tried to bite Him, Sri Krsna, moving from one hood to another with lithesome grace and unparalleled speed, earned the name, Nata-bara, the […]

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Sri Gadadhara Pandit Appearance day celebrations!


On the occassion of appearance day of Sri Gadadhara Pandit, abhisheka took place, with bhog offering, pushpanjali and Arti. In Navadvipa, Sri Gaura -Gadadhara is worshipped at Champahatti. These were the deities worshipped by Sri Dwija Vaninatha, nephew of Sri Gadadhara Pandita. Sri Bhakti Vinod Thakura’s worshippable deities were Sri Gaura -Gadadhara at Godrumadvipa. During […]

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