Astakrosh Parikrama

W e invite worldwide devotees to come & take part in the 3 days Asta Krosh Parikrama at Mayapur from 05 to 08  November 2019.

A golden opportunity to spend at least few days in Kartik month at Mayapur dhama.

“Then Lord used to wander around, with sankirtan, on evvery Ekadashi day.Sometimes, He used to go on pancha krosha parikrama within the Antardwipa and sometimes He used to travel within ashta krosha, as His desires.” -SRI NAVADVIPA DHAMA MAHATMYA.

Srila Nityananda prabhu would perform this Parikrama along with Jiva Goswami.  Of all the months, Kartik is the best month for performing austerities, and the best place is the most merciful abode of Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu- Mayapur dhama! Do not miss this opportunity for sweet sadhu sanga and dham parikrama , even if once cannot take off from his busy routine, by spending 3 days in Navadvipa dhama during Kartik, you will receive full benefit of residing in dhama during Kartik.

We will be completing the Parikrama on Uttana Ekadasi, the first day of Bhisma Pancaka. If you wish, you can also stay back & complete the Bhisma Pancaka vrata in Mayapur.


Dham Parikrama of 5 islands- Antardvipa, Simantadvip, Godrumdvip

a, Koladvip & Rudradvip.

Krishna katha from senior Vaishnavas like HG Jananivas Prabhu, HG Pankajanghri Prabhu, HH Bhakti Purusottama Swami, HH Gauranga Prem Swami

Ganga bath

Walking in their divine association along with thousands of devotees in the holy dust of Navadvipa, singing harinam &everyday offering lamps , Ganga bath &  sumptous prasada – a experience that you will enhance your spiritual life & memories to cherish throughout your life. An added advantage is that climate during Kartik is cool & pleasant !

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu used to perform Asta Krosh Parikrama during ekadasi days and we are following the same trail of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

For registration, please write to

We appeal to kind hearted devotees to come forward to support Asta Krosh Parikrama.

SEVA SANKALPA ( for one day)

Lunch Prasad ( for 400 devotees) : Rs.50,000

Breakfast Prasad ( for 400 devotees) : Rs.30,000

Dinner Prasad ( for 400 devotees) : Rs.15,000

Water Seva : Rs.10,000

Deity Seva: Rs.10,000

Flower garland: Rs.5000

Pandal : Rs.50,000

Sound system: Rs.20,000

Any donation is welcome !

You can donate here!

Thank you

Asta Krosh Parikrama Committee


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