Chandan Yatra Day1: Natabara

H appy Akshaya Tritiya. Happy Chandan Yatra. On the first day of Chandan Yatra, Sri Radha-Madhava is dressed as Natabara- the Best of Dancers!

Sri Radha -Madhava as Natabara:
As the vicious snake tried to bite Him, Sri Krsna, moving from one hood to another with lithesome grace and unparalleled speed, earned the name, Nata-bara, the best dancer. As bees fly from flower to flower even in the greatest wind, Sri Krsna placed His lotus feet on one hood and then another, even though the movements of Kaliya were beyond the power of vision. Moving His lotus feet with great speed, raising His knees high, His swaying waist was decorated with a golden sash. His arms sometimes raised and sometimes to the side, sometimes playing His flute and sometimes holding Kaliya’s tail, Sri Krsna put to shame Lord Shiva’s tandava-nritya. As His lotus feet touched the hoods of Kaliya, they created a charming sound, which constitutes the beats played by tablas. (Venu Gita)

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