Sri Rama Navami celebrations!

S ri Rama Navami is always a bigger festival as it is just before the vyasapuja of HH Jayapataka Swami and thousands and thousands of devotees visiting Mayapur for Vyasapuja, come early to take part in Rama Navami also. In the afternoon, we had an abhisheka to “Shaligram Shila” and arati, Pushpajali offered to Sri Ramchandra.

A very grand procession of Sri Ram, Lakshman, Sita and Hanuman in bullock chariot , went around the campus for an hour amidst kirtan & dancing. The Lord accepted bhoga lovingly offered by devotees, glancing over the beautiful colorful rangoli designs, while the chariot arrived at big pandal specially erected for the festival. Pushpa abhisheka was showered on the Lordships with roaring kirtan. Soon, everyone were in bliss celebrating the appearance of Lord Ramachandra by dancing and throwing colors! Everyone singing the glories of Lord Ramachandra honored Mahaprasadam!
Sri Ramachandra Bhagavan ki Jai!

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