7 trucks of Prasada ready to go!

W hat is the use of a temple if there is no prasadam distribution?” Prasadam distribution on a large scale must be resumed. Such a temple where there is no such distribution has no value, I agree.

Ref. VedaBase => Letter to: Tamala Krsna — Los Angeles 11 January, 1974

Day by day, our FFL team is increasing their efforts to reach prasada to the local villagers who were eagerly looking forward to receive prasada. Many of them are daily wage earners , who are rendered helpless now, were grateful that ISKCON could come forward to mitigate their distress. Today, we will be distributing 5000 plates of Prasada.
We are thankful to all our donors for their donation for this noble cause at Sri dham Mayapur!
We also request  devotees worldwide to join this Maha Annadan Yajna and be blessed with unlimited Spiritual benefit!

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