Visitor Restriction:

  1. Starting from 19 March 2020 the darshan time in the temple for visitors will be restricted to 10:00am to 1:00pm and 5:00pm to 7:30pm. The line will be arranged in such a way that they will enter the campus, have darshan and exit the campus.
  2. The other than the designated route, all other parts of the campus will be off limit for pilgrims.
  3. All pilgrims and visitors will be thermal scanned at entry point to the campus. They will also be subject to compulsory disinfection before entering the temple.
  4. The temple room will be barricaded to keep safe distance between visitors and community devotees.
  5. Guest houses will stop accepting any new booking for guest rooms till April 15th.
  6. All existing bookings after 21st March will be cancelled.
  7. Only packed Prasadam will be made available to visitors.
  8. Temple hall walls and floor will be washed twice a day with disinfecting soap and water.
  9. Permanent soap dispenser will be fixed in all hand wash areas.

Community devotees:

  1. Community devotees who wish to visit temple are strongly advised to visit at the time when the temple is restricted for visitors. However, they will not be stopped if they want to visit temple at other times at their own discretion.
  2. Devotees are requested to stock enough essential food stuff and medicines which will last your for 2 months.
  3. Please contact Kr.s.n.a Vijay Prabhu Phone: +91 77978-02023 in case you need specific bhoga items in bulk quantity. Also please contact Santhanu – Phone: +91 77979-09092 in case you need medicines which are not available in pharmacy. They can try to arrange to supply your needs as much as it is possible.
  4. Any community members who are returning back to into Mayapur after a travel from anywhere within India or overseas should report to MCS immediately and keep themselves in 14 days self quarantine.
  5. All previous advisories related to immunity boosting, hand washing, social distancing and avoiding congregating etc., remain valid. Children, elderly devotees and those who are vulnerable are advised to take advantage of temple programs through mayapur TV.

Stranded foreign devotees:

  1. Any foreign devotee who is stranded in Mayapur unable to travel to their home country due to air travel restrictions can approach Gada Bhavan guest house reception to get rooms at a discounted nominal price.
  2. They can also get Prasadam coupons from Gada kitchen and get their regular Prasadam from there.
  3. Mahaprasadam and Govindas will remain open to serve devotees as long as there is as they are not mandated by Government to close.

Mayapur management recognises the importance keeping the community safe and our duty to bring Mahaprabhu’s mercy to those visitors who are seeking darshan of our most merciful deities.

We have also arranged for Harinama for the protection of all the devotees and the visitors.

Let be cautious and careful while using this opportunity to increase our hearing and chanting.

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