Bhisma Panchaka – Explore the True Essences of Austerity in the Mode of Worship

T he last five days of Kartika month are known as Bhisma Panchaka. Grandfather Bhishma fasted for these five days, preparing to give up his life. One serious in bhakti should observe Kartika-vrata, and he should intensify it for the last five days.

The best way to observe Bhisma Panchaka is to abstain from eating grains and be fully absorbed in the Holy name of the Lord, and to take only milk or water for the last five days. If one has one eaten grain during the month of Kartika, he should avoid them for the last five days. Also, one should only eat once a day. This is the proper procedure [for strict adherence].

” If someone observes this fast, he is considered to have observed all other fasts, because it is greatly meritorious and frees one from great sins. “

Therefore, everyone should make a great endeavour to fast on these last five days of Bhismadeva.

“The fast should begin by remembering Bhismadeva on the Ekadasi day and should end on Purnima [the full moon]. One should eat only vegetables or fruits and should worship Lord Krishna. If he needs to eat, he should do so only in the evening. A woman can also observe this fast by the suggestion of a twice born, and if a widow observes this fast, she can also attain liberation and happiness.”

Following flowers should be offered to the Deities DURING THE BHISHMA PANCHAKA DAYS AS PER GARUDA PURANA.

On the first day, one must offer padma (lotus) flowers to the feet of the Lord.

On the second day, one must offer bilva (wood-apple) leaves of the thigh of the Lord.

On the third day, one must offer gandha (scents) to the navel of the Lord.

On the fourth day, one must offer java flower to the shoulders of the Lord.

On the fifth day, one must offer malati flower to the head (siro-desa) of the Lordship.

Ideally One should take bath in Ganges or the other holy rivers every day & offer tarpana 3 times for Bhismadeva by saying the following mantra:


vaiyaghra padya gotray

asamkrti pravaraya ca

aputraya dadamyetat

salilam bhismavarmane


Vasunamavataraya santanoratmajaya ca

arghyam dadami bhismaya ajanma brahmacarine


om bhismah santanavo birah satyavadi jitendriyah

abhiradbhiravapnatu putrapautrocitam kriyam

On this Last five days of Kartik known as the Bhisma Panchaka, which starts from tomorrow the 26th of November we shall be conducting the several offerings as prescribed for the last five days of this auspicious month.

Special 5 days Bhisma Panchaka offering:

Now you can offer the prescribed offering to Sri Radha Madhava this Bhishma Pancaka,

On your behalf, we shall perform:

  • the special offering to Sri Radha Madhava on each day
  • Lamps to Sri Sri Radha Madhava, Sri Pancatattva and Sri Narasimhadeva
  • Bhoga plate offering to Sri Narasimhadeva

Bhishma Panchaka Seva : Rs.5000/=

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