Gear up for Karthik – Special Session today!

We heartily welcome you all on this forum to celebrate with us “Kartik in Mayapur”
Thank you very much for registering with us. We know that each one of you must be thinking what value will you add to your Kartik vrata by being a part of this group. So as you all know that Kartik , dear to The Lord , is the glorious of all months and any devotional service rendered ,reaps thousand times benefits but that is when you observe kartik from your respective homes .What happens when you observe from the Dham like Navadweep ? Yes you got that right , when thousand multiplies thousand , you turn a devotional millionaire . And that’s what is the unique benefit of doing Kartik services in Mayapur !!!
So why would any one want to lose this opportunity of a Devotional Sale?
So Let’s just gear up for a robust Kartik experience dear devotees !!
We are attempting to make your Kartik vrata more joyful and intense. To begin with , you’re invited to tune in to zoom link below for the inaugural address by MAC Chairman Hg Subhekshna prabhu .
Later we will enlist our Kartika vows and let you know everything you wanted to know about Kartik .
In your service
Team Mayapur
Meeting ID: 862 6004 6260
Passcode: 1008

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