T his message is to update you on the situation in Mayapur due to COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant lock down for 14 days until April 14th (which may also be extended) as per Government advisory rules.

In response to appeal by devotes to continue the puja sevas in this most crucial time, we are resuming Online Puja Services. In this hour of panic and anxiety that the whole world faces created by Covid-19 Pandemic, the only solace is praying to Lord’s intervention and merciful protection. Now you can also offer one month Tulasi puja to Lord Narasimhadeva for Rs.10,001 and we will be offering every day Tulasi puja on your behalf for one month.

At Mayapur, the temple is locked down both for devotees and visitors. All the guest houses, Mahaprasada halls, restaurant, bhoga bhandar etc have been shut down. Only devotees who are engaged in essential services like pujaris are allowed in the temple while Mayapur community along with worldwide devotees are watching temple programs thro Mayapur TV broadcast. Entire Mayapur, which is otherwise busy through out the year is totally deserted now!

Being the headquarters of ISKCON, as you are aware that Sri Mayapur is one of the biggest temples with more than 300 full time brahmacaries, 6000 community devotees from 50 countries and around 500 staff serving the temple. To run the temple, ISKCON Mayapur Management requires huge funds. Please find below the breakup of the expenses of major areas herewith which requires major funding. Usually, ISKCON Mayapur meets this expenses with our sources of revenue like guest house, prasad halls, restaurant, temple hundi collection for deity seva, bhog bhandar, goshala shops etc . Now, all this avenues are totally shut down for past 14 days and no one knows how long will the lock down period continue… It is big challenge how we are going to meet the expenses in the coming months. ISKCON Mayapur management is meeting everyday to discuss solutions of reducing the expenses at this time of crisis , but the fact is that Management is left with no option other than to appeal to devotees worldwide to support Mayapur, to help us to save Mayapur!

An unprecedented global crisis also demands unprecedented global solidarity. This is the time we request all the devotees worldwide unitedly contribute to save this important project of Srila Prabhupada, Sri Mayapur dhama.

Hence, we humbly request with folded palms, while praying for the situation to improve as early as possible and appealing to Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Madhava, Sri Panca-tattva and Sri Narasimhadeva for welfare of all, your support to Srila Prabhupada’s Place of Worship, Sridham Mayapur to continue its operations. Any donation at this hour of need is most valuable and is much appreciated.

You can donate online here:

Or for bank remittance within India:

Account Name: International Society For Krishna Consciousness
Account No: 8512103714
RTGS / IFSC Code: KKBK0006570
Bank name: Kotak Bank,
Branch: H. B. Sarani, Kolkata,
Bank address: 21, Centre Point Building, Hemanta Basu
Sarani, Kolkata: 700001

For any more information or inquiries, please write to info@mayapur.com.

Subscribe now to our ISKCON Mayapur WhatsApp group at 9593179990, to get daily deity darshan and updates from Mayapur and stay connected to Mayapur.

Thank you
Your servant,
Gopijana Vallabha das www.mayapur.com


  1. Deity Seva Rs 42.5 lacs Average
  • Actual Per.month expenses Rs. 34.21 lacs
  • Electricity Rs. 1,45,000/-
  • Security Rs. 2,30,000/-
  • Gas for D. Kitchen Rs. 19,600/-
  • Water for D. Kitchen Rs.1,200/-
  • Milk and Milk Products Rs. 1,75,000/-
  • Deity worship Exp. Rs.11,03,000/-
  • Deity Grocery Exp. Rs.2,50,000/-
  • Deity Vegetables & Fruits Rs. 8,50,000/-
  • Deity Other Bhoga exp. Rs. 2,50,000/-
  • Deity Flowers and Garland Rs. 3,50,000/-
  • Deity Cotton and Incense and perfume oil Rs.47,200/-

2. Brahmacharies prasad – total Rs 34.9 lacs Average

  • Per month Brahmachari Prasad Expenses Total Rs. 26.65 lacs

3. Brahmacharies maintenance – Rs.2.4lacs
4. Goshala – Rs 55.6 lacs average

  • Goshala Per month Expenses Rs. 30.5lacs
  • Goshala Maintenance Rs.27,00,000/-
  • Goshala Medical Rs. 3,00,000/-
  • Goshala Tractor maintenance Rs. 32,000/-
  • Goshala repair and maintenance Rs.20,000/-

5. Security Per month Expenses- Rs24.3 lacs
6. Maintenance of 1200 Grihastha devotees – RS 80 lacs
7. Daily and monthly payment for workers – Rs.28.5 lacs
8. Health and preparation for any unexpected break out of health crisis due to COVID 19 like ventilator etc.

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