Navadwip Mandal Parikrama: Day 4

“ We shouldn’t leave Parikrama the same person we were when we started it.”
-HH Bhakti Dhira Damodara Maharaj

Are you with us? The nectar is starting to overflow!

The mystical transformations which happen within the consciousness of a pilgrim of Navadvipa are indeed extraordinary and worthy of mention. As these few days pass which in ordinary life would most probably make no difference in one’s life, have brought about deep cleansing to all of us.

The story of today was something like this…

The Parikrama leads through a road, past a tall narrow gate, which could easily go by unnoticed, for its pinkish coloured walls are somewhat faded. To the surprise of most, that gate led into the gorgeous and spacious Champahatti- one of our favourite spots.
There the katha, the darshan, the bhajans as well as appropriate nap spots for the tired souls, all awaited the devotees’ arrival.

It didn’t take long for us to hear “ Radha Krishna bol bol bolore shobay” . Agnideva Prabhu said that he memorised by listening hs personal recording of Srila Prabhupada singing“ Parama karuna”. Dear devotees this was ,setting the ground for the upcoming eventful plays.

The first drama was both amusing and exciting of the great fight the issued between Samudrasena and Bhimasena, with as many as 20 actors on stage of all heights, striking each other with bamboo weapons. Sometimes the bamboo hitting made such a loud noise, that some wondered to themselves: “ Are we truly watching a war?”

The next was not a drama but a phenomenal devotional experience… The first roles in the audiance, and all those who had the fortune to have attentive devotional listening were struck by unprecedented deep devotional feelings.

That was the pastime of Jayadeva Goswami and his Gita Govinda. As the great poet was meditating on the Lord’s pastimes, a scene came to him, that confused his mind. Thinking himself to be an offender he left to take a bath in the Ganga. Meanwhile Padmavati, Jayadeva’s wife was cooking lunch. As soon as she sees her husband come back she starts to serve him. However something very unusual happened, her husband started to compliment each food preparation, and began praising her in a such a loving way.

Yes, slowly but surely the devotees started to get sucked into the mood.

Then after going to his room and writing a sentence or so in the book, he left. Few minutes later Padmavati took her prasadam and to her shock ,her husband arrived, one more time and began to question the reason of her eating before him. Bewildered she explained to her husband what apparently he himself had done, which was mainly writing in his room. Jayadeva rushed to his manuscript which laid on top of his desk , just to see golden letters completing the end of the verse which describes Lord Krishna putting Radha’s lotus feet on His head.

As he realises that the Lord Himself came in disguise to his home and personally wrote the remaining lines, he started to shout and cry in a mixture of despair and gratitude: “Lord Krishna has come! Oh Padmavati you saw Him, He personally ate your food.” In reply she said :” Indeed, He gave me this garland.” – as she said this Jayadeva started to wipe his face with those remaining garland flowers. Jayadeva shivered, his eyes opened wide and his glance , mad. Maddended with love for Krishna. Honoring the remnants of prasada and walking up and down crying and praising the Lord, Jayadeva and Padmavati felt most fortunate.

As the devotees watched this scene above mentioned, many cried, because they were inside the lila by watching its transcendental display. Just imagine you find out that the Lord of your heart has come to your home, and you just missed HIm. The eagerness and separation made our hearts boil and speel over in the form of tears.

HH BVV Narasimha explained how there were many Champak flowers here since the time of Krishna. Let us imagine 5,000 years ago. The Gopi Champakalata would pick them up from here and take it to Vrindavan, in the same day. How is it possible? The answer is that the Dham is not bound by time and space like the material world. Just like a lotus flower when closed has all its petals tightly together, and when open has its petals spread, the Dham also expands and contracts according to the need for the service rendered.

Gaura Gadadhara reside here, at Champahatti.

Then Parikrama proceeded to the house of Vidyavacaspati, the brother of Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya. There we heard a little about Amogha, and how Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu saves him from his imminent death by removing envy from his heart. Mahaprabhu told him:” My dear Amogha how did you allow envy to reside in your heart. It’s the abode of the Lord. How did you allow envy to dirty that place?”

Thus freeing ourselves from all other thoughts which do not make our hearts adequate abodes for Sri Gaura to reside, the parikrama left that noble home to the next shelter… Jahnudvipa.

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