Pathology Lab Inauguration at Mayapur Community Hospital

H H Jayapataka Swami inaugurated the brand new pathology lab in the Mayapur Community Hospital. The Pathology department will be over seen by Dr. Bhaktin Kate, trained and educated in the USA and Dr.Santhosh Kumar Roy, who recieved his degree from the JIPMER University. The Mayapur Community Hospital has always been an important project, serving Mayapur community devotees and local residents and Jayapataka Maharaja has been personally requesting doctors from around the world to provide their services. He enquired about the new machines, the technology behind each of them and was paying attention to every detail. He also took notice of the new X-ray machines, other equipment for cataract eye surgeries and the dental department. He spent considerable time observing the developments and speaking to the doctors.
After the inauguration, prasada was served to assembled devotees.
At Mayapur Community Hospital , a small team of dedicated Doctors, Dentists and Nurses have been tirelessly working to provide basic health care to all these devotees and visitors with the available facilities in Mayapur.

There is an acute need to add certain very essential facilities to medical care and support which Mayapur is offering in order to cater to emergencies and bare essential health care needs of Mayapur residents, Dham Vasis, devotee visitors and pilgrims.
With the support of Mayapur Management and kind donation by kind devotees & well-wishers , we are trying to provide best of services.

Any donation is welcome and will help us to provide this much needed medical seva to dhamvasis.

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