“We were just seeing the prasada distribution. Today we sent five vehicles. Tomorrow seven. And some disciples said that their relatives from Krishnanagar phoned them up and said to nearby district headquarters said that we heard how ISKCON is into doing prasada distribution, so they were very appreciative. When I see this , How Srila Prabhupada, he called all the GBC’s , Sanyasis, he showed how the village children were fighting off the dogs, with their lathi sticks, and eating the ucchista of the people, the remnants. Prabhupada siad, we should see that no one goes hungry in a ten miles radius. Krishna is the father of everyone. No one should hungry in the presence of Krsna. So, that was Prabhupada’s vision. Seeing this prasada distribution, hard to control my tears, PRABHUPADA WILL BE SO HAPPY!!”

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