Project Outline

  • There has always been a Vaisnava SamadhiPark planned for in the Mayapur Master
  • A design proposal was made regarding this park acouple of years ago which was approved by all levels of Mayapur Management.
  • This proposal needed to be revised in light of the Master Plan entry road being widened since it is amajor entry path into the town
  • Now we want to move ahead with the creation of this park
  • And the placing of the Samadhi of Srila Bhakticaru Swami has been fixed in the South, facing Srila Prabhupada in His Puspa Samadhi.

Estimate for Vaisnava Samadhi Park

Item of Work Amount (Rs.)
Foundation 4,06,950.00
10″ Brick Wall 2,47,600.00
Bed & Stair Portion Soil filling 5,25,000.00
Bed Portion Brick Soling 2,60,000.00
Stair Portion Brick Soling 37,000.00
Sub-total 14,76,550.00
Railing for parikram path 2,70,000.00
Removal of existing structures etc. 6,00,000.00
Trees, bushes, lawn etc. 1,00,000.00
Total= 24,46,550.00

Service Opportunity

Those interested in supporting this important Vaisnava Samadhi Park in the Mayapur Town can please contact:

Subheksana prabhu ( MAC chairman.

Please follow this link to donate:

Design, Engineering, and Project Management donated by Mayapur Development Service.

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