It is all by the blessings and mercy of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu as we happily welcome you all to Sri Mayapur Gaura  Purnima 2021. Do not hesitate to join us whether present in Mayapur or not! For guest house bookings, please write to For Parikrama inquiries and participation, please

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Gaura Purnima Festival Schedule 2021

07th March Devotees Arrival
08th to 11th March Sravana Utsav
09th March Ekadashi
13th to 16th March Kirtan Mela
17th to 23rd March Navadvipa   Mandala Parikrama
20th March Elephant Procession
24th March Boat Festival (Parikrama Return)
25th March Ekadashi – Ganga Puja
26th March Shantipur Festival & Elephant Procession
27th March Immersion of Ashes & Jagannatha Rath Yatra
28th March Sri Gaura Purnima
29th March Sri Jagannath Misra Festival
30th March Festival Ends


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