D ear Mayapur Community Devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!

On behalf of the Mayapur Executive Board (MEB), I am very happy to share with you the good news that we have made adjustments in the Mayapur Management structure so as to realign it with the way it was originally set up by Srila Prabhupada. That is, we have reestablished the Co-Director system to lead the Mayapur Project.

In 2016, MEB appointed the Mayapur Administrative Council (MAC) as an interim management body, until the system of Co-Directors could be re-established in an appropriate way. Since that time, until today, MAC members have given their valuable service to the Mayapur project, and we are grateful for that service.

However, with the historic opening of TOVP coming closer and closer, the MEB felt that this is the opportune moment to re-establish the Co-Director system. We are doing this in a way that will also more closely integrate the TOVP and rest of Mayapur into one unified Mayapur project.

Thus, on this auspicious occasion of 535 Gaurabda we are happy to announce that the Mayapur Project will henceforth be managed by four Co-Directors. They are:

1. HH Jayapataka Swami
2. HG Hrdaya Caitanya das
3. HG Brajavilas das
4. HG Subheksana das

You will be pleased to know that all the Co-Directors have agreed to spend at least six months in Mayapur. And, at any given time there will be at least one Co-Director always available “on the ground”. The detailed MEB resolution on the appointment of the Co-Directors can be seen in the attachment.

I am also happy to announce that HH Bhakti Purusottama Swami, and HG Dayarama prabhu will be serving as Special Duty Officers, appointed by the MEB to assist the Co-Directors as needed in leading Mayapur forward.

We pray to Srila Prabhupada that he eternally guides us in all our activities to develop Sridham Mayapur as he envisioned. We humbly request all community members to extend your full cooperation and good wishes to the Co-Directors and to participate enthusiastically in the all-round development of Sridham Mayapur under their leadership.

Thank you very much. Happy Gaura Purnima!

Your servant,
Anuttama Dasa
MEB Chairman


MAC Formation Resolution (MEB meeting 2016)

Whereas, Srila Prabhupada set up a system of co-directors for managing the Mayapur Temple/branch of ISKCON,

Whereas, the MEB accepts this is the best system of management for Mayapur Temple and its associated projects,

Whereas, the MEB feels that in general the best course of action for the management of the ISKCON Mayapur project is to identify possible future co-directors from among the devotee residents of Mayapur,

Whereas, given the present situation in Mayapur, it may not be advisable to immediately appoint anyone from amongst the Mayapur resident devotee community to the post of co-director,

Whereas, the MEB feels that it is better that some interim arrangement be made for the period of a minimum of one year before the MEB chooses co-directors from amongst Mayapur resident devotees,

Therefore, it is resolved that the MEB establish a body to be known as the Mayapur Administrative Council (MAC), which will be vested with the power of the co-directors to manage all the functions of the Mayapur Temple/branch and its associated projects, programs etc., on be behalf of the MEB.

Co-Director System Reestablished

Whereas, in 2016 the Mayapur Executive Board (MEB) resolution determined to reestablish the Co-Director system in Mayapur,

Whereas, in preparation for the future opening of the TOVP and the urgent need for development of the Master Plan, the MEB feels this is the appropriate time to reestablish Co-Directors,

Resolved, that the MEB appoints four (4) Co-Directors who are empowered to manage Mayapur and implement the vision and goals for the project.

The Co-Directors, ex officio, shall be full MEB members. MEB recommends that the Bureau officially appoints the Co-Directors as full MEB members.

Co-Directors shall be the top level of management in Mayapur on behalf of the MEB. They can create, modify or adapt policies; formulate, develop, and monitor systems, positions, and structures of management; as well as decide all matters related to personnel.

Every department/division/entity/area within ISKCON Mayapur shall be under the jurisdiction of the Co-Directors (the BBT has a special status).

Appointment of Co-Directors

The MEB resolves that the Co-Directors of ISKCON Mayapur Chandradoya Mandir shall be the existing Co-Directors:

  • HH Jayapataka Swami
  • Hrdaya Caitanya das

And the two newly appointed Co-Directors:

  • Braja Vilasa das
  • Subhekshana das

This decision shall take effect on Gaura Purnima Day, 28th March, 2021


Whereas, MEB is re-establishing the system of Co-Directors for Mayapur,

MEB hereby resolves that Mayapur Administrative Council (MAC) shall be dissolved effective March 28th 2021, Gaura Purnima Day.

The MEB offers its gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to all the devotees who have served on MAC in various capacities over the last five years. We thank those devotees for their dedication and service to ISKCON Mayapur and Srila Prabhupada.



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