Sri Mayapur Community hospital needs your help to start Operation Theatre services:

Dear Devotees,

Please accept the blessings of Sri Sri Radha Madhava and our humble obeisances at your lotus feet.

We are very grateful for your magnanimous support us during the COVID crisis. Through your encouragement help and support we were able to attend to the health care needs of more of almost 10,000 patients during the lockdown period even with the very basic set up we have here in Sri Mayapur.

However, one of the major deficiencies we are very acutely feeling now is the absence of a proper operation theatre which will help us perform many regular general surgical procedures for devotees and dhamvasis who are suffering as well as support our expectant mothers in community.

Right now for any of their surgical needs they are forced to go to Kolkata where treatment is time consuming and expensive. Due to COVID crisis devotees and dhamvasis are also financially challenged and they cannot afford such treatment.

We have two full time and experienced Gynaecologist our team who joined our team recently. Also there are other qualified general and ortho surgeons who are willing to come and perform surgeries in this area provided we have able to give them a good facility. This will tremendously help all the devotees and dhamvasis alike as they can get best care at an affordable cost locally.

We are therefore now approaching you again for your generous help in setting an operation theatre facility in our hospital. The cost for the same is given as under:

Description Amount
Modular operation theatre set-up with General OT & Gynaecology OT with jointless flooring, PU paint, OT lights, 3 barrier system, air tight doors, scrub area, OT store, Surgeon changing & consulting room, Nurse changing room and sterlisation room. 22,00,000.00
Building modification works 9,00,000.00
OT equipment 36,50,000.00
Grand Total  67,50,000.00

(Rs. Sixty Seven Lakhs Fifty thousand only)

We earnestly request for your help in establishing this crucial service in Sri Mayapur Community Hospital at the earliest to the benefit of the villagers here.

You can contribute online here:

For contribution from Indian citizens and NRIs

Ac name: ISKCON

Ac number: 037201000450

Branch: Nabadwip

IFSC: ICIC0002499

Branch code: 002499

UPI: 7407520335@ICICI

For contribution from non Indian nationals including dual citizens:

Account Name: “International Society For Krishna Consciousness – FCRA”

Bank Name: Kotak Bank

Account No: 8512103738


Branch: H. B. Sarani, Kolkata.

Bank address: 21, Centre Point Building, Hemanta Basu Sarani, Kolkata: 700001

After remittance please email: and with following details:

Name of donor (from whose account the remittance has been made):


PAN CARD: (for Indian donors)

Passport details (for foreign donors)

Date of remittance:

Amount remitted:

Purpose: COVID karuna

Representing : (mention your yatra/temple/location name)


Your humble servants,

Sri Mayapur Community Hospital team.

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