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Mahalaya Amvasya Seva Opportunity – Sept. 25th 2022

H are Krishna,

🙏Please accept our respectful obisances. 🙏All Glories to Srila Prabhupada! 🙏All Glories to Sri Mayapur Dham!

We convey our warm thank 🙏🙏 you for participating in this year Pitru Paksha Seva for the well being of your ancestors, deceased loved ones and for the family. For all those that registeredthrough the form and all those that donated generously, daily Goseva 🐄, Tulasi Archana Puja to Lord Narasimhadeva,  deepdhan 🪔 to all deities  are being offered with prayers for a betterdestination of the forefathers and spiritual welfare of the family. Also, Annadaan seva , along with distribution of Kichidi prasada is being organised.  During the Puja, all the names of the ancestors that you had submitted are being read and offered at the lotus feet of Lord Narasimhadeva in Mayapur.

Sept. 25th is Mahalaya Amavasya 🌑, there will be a special puja that will be offered on this day, as it is the last day of the Pirtu Paksha month. We will organise a special Narasimhadev Puja & Go Seva & Ganga Puja on behalf of all our donors with  recitation of the names of all those who has participated to invoke blessings 🌹.

✨🌹Wishing you an auspicious filled Mahalaya!🌹✨


Your Servants,

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