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Odana Sashti Seva Opportunity

T he Lord’s mercy comes in many forms and the story behind Odana Sashti is one amongst many to tell.

On November 29th we will have the festival of Odana Sashti is one that marks the beginning of winter. During the Odana-sasthi festival the devotees dress Lord Jagannatha and Balarama with starched cloth. This ceremony indicates that from that day forward, a winter covering should be given to the Lord. That covering is directly purchased from a weaver, and freshly purchased cloth is usually starched to preserve it. According to the archana-marga, a cloth should first be washed to remove all the starch, and then it can be used to cover the Lord but on this occasion by the desire of Lord Jagannatha, His servants dress Him in new starched clothes without first washing it

On the Odana Sasthi festival, devotees dress the Deities in the finest of silks and with beautiful golden jewellery inlaid with precious gems. Garlands, bracelets, and earrings are all made from fragrant seasonal flowers further bedeck Their Lordships. Scented oils, incense, flowers, ghee lamps, and sixteen different items for special worship are offered to Lord Jagannatha. Grand and opulent offerings of prasadam are also made continually. Sri Gaurahari observed these festivities with His devotees. – Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata, Antya Khanda 10

Inspired to sponsor a seva on the day of Odana Sashti, please pick from the list below

Odana Sashti Seva Sponsorship Options:

  • Flower Decorations: Rs. 5000
  • Deity Garlands: Rs. 10,000
  • Altar Decoration: Rs. 6000
  • Prasad Distribution: Rs. 25000
  • Rajbhoga: Rs. 40,000
  • Deep dhan: Rs. 301
  • Archana: Rs. 501

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