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Special Kartik Sevas in Sri Mayapur Dham!

K artik and offering lamps 🪔are synonymous. While you must be offering at your home, even at the local Temple but then there is a unique 👉 advantage of offering lamps 💫in the 💥holy Dham of Sri Mayapur in the auspicious month of Kartik🌅, so why would one want to miss this cumulative ✨spiritual ✨benefit?

Just as there is no yuga equal to Satya-yuga, no scripture equal to the Vedas, and no place of pilgrimage equal to the Ganges, so there is no month equal to Kartika. During the Kartika month, millions of devotees’ worship Damodara Krishna with ghee lamps and devotional bhajans, glorifying His playful childhood pastime of stealing yogurt. And traditionally, desiring to satisfy Their Lordships, Gaudiya Vaisnavas celebrate this month by following certain vows. Below we present these vows, observing which one can easily get a priceless treasure of the pure love of Sri Sri Radha-Madhava! Let us take the opportunity and accept this wonderful gift of the most merciful Karttika.

😍The essence of Kartika-vrata is to satisfy 🌹Sri Sri Radha-Damodara🌹 with our more and better devotional 🌺💫service to Them.

kim ca
kritva papany aseshatah
dahate natra sandeho
dipa-danat tu karttike

By offering a lamp🪔 during the month of Karttika one burns 🔥 away a collection of sins as big as Mount Meru ⛰️or Mount Mandara 🏔️. Of this there is no doubt.

Let’s make the most of our Kartik!! There are nine options of offering lamps for you. Pick the frequency and category that suits you the most.
Happy Lamp offering!!!

🪔🪔Deepdhaan Seva🪔🪔

🪔108 Lamps – ₨ 501.00
🪔200 Lamps – ₨ 1,001.00
🪔500 Lamps – ₨ 2,501.00
🪔1000 Lamps – ₨ 5,001.00

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