Today is the Appearance of Sri Indulekha Sakhi – Sept 7th

In 1986, just before the annual Gaura Purnima Festival, Sri Inulekha devi and three other sakhis were installed in Sri Dham Mayapur and joined Sri Sri Radha Madhava on the altar. Indulekha Devi stands next to Visakha Devi, second gopi on Srimati Radharani’s right.
Sri Indulekha Devi is one of the eight principle gopis, or Asta-sakhis, the most confidential associates of Srimati Radharani. Her father is Sagara, her mother is Vela Devi, and her husband is Durbala. Indulekha Devi’s complexion is described as haritala, or greenish-yellow, and her clothing is described to be the light scarlet colour of pomegranate flowers. Her kunja or grove is called Purnendu (Full Moon) and is located to the Southeast of Radha Kunda. It is white like the moon and has a golden aura.
Indulekha Devi’s favourite instrument is the manjira, or finger cymbals, and her favorite tune is raga-vihaga. Her main service is to prepare nectarean foods for the Divine Couple, and some authorities say that another of her primary services is dancing. In Sri Dham Mayapur, she can be seen offering a silver box full of tambula to Sri Sri Radha Madhava. Indulekha Devi is three days younger than Srimati Radharani, and is eternally fourteen years, two months, and ten and a half days old.
Her mood is known as prosita-bhartrka, the mood of a heroine who suffers when her beloved is far away, and her temperament is vama-prakhara, or contrary and hot-tempered. Her mood described here is not manifested in relation to herself, but rather as a descriptive example of her nature.
Indulekha Devi is well-known for her singing ability, just like her father, who is a famous singer. She is learned in the science of snake-charming, and very expert in palmistry. She is expert in stringing different kinds of necklaces and doing other kinds of beadwork and is an expert at gemology.
Her other areas of expertise include painting pictures, decorating the teeth with red substances, weaving cloth, and writing auspicious mantras that are placed inside talismans that are worn by the Divine Couple in order to increase Their mutual attraction.
Indulekha Devi is aware of all the Divine Couple’s secrets, and she is the leader of the maidservants who carry messages. She is also the leader of the maidservants who fashion ornaments and clothing, and who guard the treasury.
According to the Sri Gaura Ganoddesa Dipika written by Srila Kavi Karnapur, Indulekha Devi appears in Gaura-lila as Krishnadasa Brahmachari, while some say as Vasu Ramananda.
(References: Srila Rupa Goswami’s Sri Sri Radha Krsna Ganodesa Dipika and Srila Kavi Karnapur’s Sri Gaura Ganodesa Dipika)

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