Tulasi Jala Dan Begins – April 14th 2022

In this month the sun moves into Mesha rasi (Aries), making the new year for my Hindu calendar and it is in this month Keshava Vrata starts; it is said that for one month one should control the senses, sleep on the earth, bath twice daily in a river, worship the Lord and give cloth, sugar, sesame, rice, and gold to the brahmanas.
If one worships Madhsudana in this month one gains the benefits of one year’s worship.
While Keshava Vrata lasts one may hang a pot with a hole in it, fill it with water and drip water over Tulasi and a Shalagrama Shila.
As it is getting hot by this time of the year in the northern hemisphere it is pleasing for the Shaligram to receive cool waters dripped upon Him.
How to do this? Suspend a waterpot that has a small hole in it over Tulasi and over the Shaligram and allow to drip, some places they make a frame to facilitate this some will suspend the pot by a string or chain from the ceiling.
If you would like to make donations in this auspicious time, please visit us to make your donations.
Hare Krishna.

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